Welcome to Your Next Adventure

Here you’ll discover unique escorted small-group tours for everyday adventurers who want out-of-the-ordinary experiences in extraordinary places. If you love to travel, love to dip into new cultures, love to live and learn, then Mirrabac’s personalised small-group tours are for you.

Comfort, quality and top value are our keystones. We don’t buy our itineraries off-the-rack – we craft them carefully to include the special places, renowned highlights and special accommodation that make each journey unique. If that sounds like your style, we’d love to take you on an adventure you’ll never forget.

Due to COVID-19 all tours are ‘on-hold’ until further notice. Keep well – stay safe.

Costa Rica Ramble

If you aspire to an easy-going life, then Costa Rica could be just the place for you to explore. Costa Ricans, Ticos, cherish the laid-back rhythm of ‘Pura Vida’ (pure life) in their little slice of paradise and you will too. So why not join our small group tour and ‘follow the beat’ as we ramble through Central America’s hot spot of biodiversity.

Galapagos Explorer

Few destinations offer the complete uniqueness and intrigue of these two Pacific treasures with their history, mystery, archaeology and wildlife. We’ll stop off in mainland Ecuador to peek into the country’s history and culture plus a visit to the famous Cloud Forest before venturing out to the Galapagos Islands. After Galapagos, you have the option to explore the mysteries of Easter Island.

You’ll relish this journey from beginning to end.

Namibian Explorer

Do you sometimes (maybe even often) crave a bit of space, yearn to escape your everyday hustle bustle? Do you long to slip away from the crowd and listen to the silence? Yes? Then our small group tour to Namibia sounds like your thing.

The biggest surprise in store may be the comfortable transport and luxury accommodation we’ve planned for you. There’ll be no overland truck or putting up tents, but don’t worry, you’ll still have an authentic African safari and an adventure you’ll never forget.

Epic Patagonia & The Falkland Islands

Patagonia, with its tantalising spirit and larger-than-life landscapes has always pulled dreamers, daredevils and diehard adventurers into its embrace. Maybe you’ve also heard its silent call, felt its magnetism, yearned to experience its isolation. Well, why resist any longer?

You’ll watch elephant seals, and sea lions wrangle on the beaches and rollick in the tussock. Prolific birdlife will have you seeking that rare sighting, that magic in-flight photo. And a troll through the Falklands’ history will leave you thoughtful.

Best of Brazil

Brazil. It’s big (world’s fifth-biggest country), beautiful (chart-topper for nature’s bounty), and bold (Bossa Nova capital).

With riches beyond measure from rainforests to rivers, birds to beaches, wildlife to waterfalls, where to start? It’s a dilemma facing anyone wanting an ‘out-of-the-ordinary’ adventure in this extraordinary country. Let us suggest a solution. When you can’t do it all, settle for the best you can do. That’s what we’ll be doing on our Best of Brazil small group tour. Take a look.

South Africa – Wild on Wildlife

You’re just crazy about wildlife? You’d really love your own ‘up close and personal’ encounters rather than viewing someone else’s? Then this small-group travel adventure to South Africa is especially for you.

Even if you’re not a complete fanatic, you’ll still love this dedicated wildlife tour. The animal action on TV may grab you but nothing beats being on the spot as a herd of elephants ambles across the road in front of you. Nothing sounds quite so eerie as a lion roaring in the darkness while you listen from the comfort of your bed. You have to be there to feel the buzz when a giraffe head pops over an acacia bush and eyeballs you.