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So you’ve trolled the website, checked out all the tours that tickle your fancy (or maybe just the one that’s always been your dream), now what? If you want to jump straight in and start planning your next adventure just contact us. But if you’d like to have a few more details first, then take a wander through the common questions that others have asked us. You’ll most likely find all the information you need.
Questions about


with Mirrabac

Why choose Mirrabac?

Because what you see is what you get:

  • We offer a superior quality, totally unique travel experience.
  • We develop our own exclusive itineraries and hand-pick our accommodation to ensure you get top quality, maximum comfort and best value for your hard-earned savings.
  • Our planning is detailed and formal to ensure your journey is relaxed and informal.
  • You’ll travel in a small group, between 14-20 depending on the tour you choose.
  • We don’t like to rush – you’ll have time to enjoy your surroundings, soak up the moment.
  • We outline all included/excluded costs so there are no surprises.

With nothing hidden, you’ll have an easy ride when you take the Mirrabac road.

What is required to join a Mirrabac tour?

A willingness to participate and get along with others is essential. Obviously, you should have a broad interest in the country you want to visit, including their people, the culture, the scenery, the flora and fauna. If your main interest is simply ‘ticking-off’ destinations a Mirrabac tour may not be for you.

What kind of people travel with Mirrabac?

Mirrabac travellers are easy-going and flexible; able to entertain themselves but also enjoy the company of others; independent people who have often done their own research but don’t want the ‘nitty-gritty’ of planning and organising. They’re happy to share their journey with like-minded travel companions but don’t want a ‘mega-group off-the-shelf’ travel package – they prefer a personal experience with a small group. They’re people who are ready to follow their dreams – often for the very first time. They’re eager to discover new corners of our planet or revisit a favourite spot. They’ve often had their days of ‘basic travel’ and they’re ready for a bit more comfort. Mirrabac travel companions are willing to master challenges, they appreciate quality and recognise great value – and they love a good time!

I am travelling on my own and I would like a single supplement. How do I go about this?

On the booking form you need to request a single supplement, which will be added to the advertised package cost. NB: Single supplement on any tour that involves a Mirrabac boat charter means you are required to pay for two berths onboard the boat, in addition to your single supplement for hotel accommodation. Alternately you may choose to share onboard the boat and have single supplement at hotel accommodation only.

I am travelling on my own. Will I have to pay for a single supplement?

Not unless you wish to have a single room on tour (see above). You will not be charged the single supplement if Mirrabac is unable to find another single traveller to share accommodation with you. If you are happy to share with another single traveller we will endeavour to pair you with a room companion of the same sex. You will not be charged the single supplement if there is not another suitable single traveller for you to share with.

What age group?

From 25 to 84 – we’ve had travellers from across the ages. However, generally the age group is between 40 and 75. But as long as you’re physically fit and mentally agile (or even mentally fit and physically agile!) age is not a barrier. A desire to have fun and a willingness to participate are the key attributes.

What are the meals like?

All our current adventures are hotel or lodge-based, so meals are generally in restaurants or cafés. Daily picnic lunches are a feature of our African safaris.

Questions About Making A


with Mirrabac

How do I book a Mirrabac tour?

Complete a booking form – you can do this online or hard copy – and forward to Mirrabac with your deposit payment. You can pay your deposit via online banking or direct credit to the Mirrabac account. It is a condition of booking that you accept the Terms & Conditions outlined for your tour. Ensure you read them carefully. Your booking will not be confirmed until we receive your booking form and deposit.

How soon should I book?

As soon as the tour date is confirmed and you’ve made your decision to travel.

How soon do I need to make a decision about taking a tour?

That depends on how serious you are about getting aboard the tour that appeals to you. These are ‘small group’ tours so if you delay your decision you may find all seats are occupied. Some tours fill up before the end of the previous year – October is a popular month to book for the following year.

Are there any advantages in booking early?

Yes, lots:

  • You’ll most likely secure a seat on your preferred tour.
  • We can sometimes offer a discount for early bookings.
  • Airlines sometimes offer ‘Sale’ airfares that we can pass on to you, but only if you’ve already booked.
  • We cannot hold unallocated airline seats and accommodation less than 90/75* days out from the date of departure (*depending on specific tour).
  • Once you’ve made your decision and booked, you don’t have to waste any more time thinking about it – you can get on with other things like preparing for a fantastic travel experience!
Can you accept last-minute bookings?

It depends. If the tour is already full, then you’ll have to wait until next time. If we have any empty spaces it will depend on whether there are still seats available on our scheduled flights and rooms at our accommodation. Flights are often booked out in advance (see above) so, even if we can get you seats, there may be additional costs. Also, where possible we use smaller, boutique accommodation rather than large tourist hotels. If we have already released any unallocated rooms, they may no longer be available to us.

On the other hand, we know sometimes it is not possible to make a decision until the last minute so we’ll do all we can to get you onboard. If you know in advance that you want to take a Mirrabac tour but are unable to make an early decision, best to let us know so we can keep you in mind during our planning and booking.

Do I receive Airpoints?

On most Mirrabac adventures, travellers will be credited with airpoint miles provided they are members of the relevant Frequent Flyer programme and provide this information either with their booking or at check-in. Please read Terms and conditions of the relevant airline concerned.

Can I use my Airpoints?

Mirrabac’s favourable group airfares are subject to minimum numbers travelling on the same airline and airfare, therefore on most tours we cannot accept bookings using airpoints. Exception:  the ‘Namibian Explorer‘ safari. We will accept reservations for this safari from travellers wishing to use their airpoints for their flights. Traveller/s will have to submit their request for a flight booking using airpoints directly with the airline concerned.

Can I use my Airpoints to upgrade?

As long as you have purchased the group package you have the option to apply directly to the airline concerned for an upgrade to premium economy or business.

Can I fly Premium Economy or Business Class?

On all Mirrabac tours you have the option to purchase a Premium Economy or Business Class fare on any sectors where the aircraft is configured to Premium economy or Business Class.

Questions After I Have Made A


with Mirrabac

Questions relating to clothing, currency, weather, shopping.

Once your booking is confirmed we’ll send you a ‘Pre-departure Information Pack’, which will answer most of your questions and many others you hadn’t thought of. The pack includes useful information on clothing, luggage, vaccinations, passport requirements, electricity facilities, banking including credit card/eftpos facilities, internet, telephone, suggestions on camera equipment, weather and more.

Are these photographic workshops?

In a nutshell – no. If you are interested in obtaining some outstanding images of scenery, wildlife or archeological sites (depending on the adventure destination) then many opportunities will present themselves. You may also be lucky enough to get some photographic tips and the occasional impromptu lesson from your tour leader!

Do I have to be a 'top-gun' photographer?

First and foremost the trips are about ‘soaking-up’ and enjoying the places we visit, but most travellers are eager to ‘capture’ the experiences of their journey on camera. Some are keen amateur photographers with top-notch photographic gear, but many come equipped with just a ‘point and shoot’. Mirrabac has sought out places of photographic interest with spectacular scenery and some of the world’s premier wildlife/archeological locations. Whatever your level of interest in photography you will return home with some wonderful stories and images of your travels.