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Namibian Explorer


Ingrid Seebacher, Sydney, Australia - July 2014

"Africa has fascinated me for a long time, but I didn't know much about Namibia. I was interested in the wildlife and I found the diversity of the country, a photographers delight! I was surprised how much German heritage was still evident in a country where Third and First Worlds are closely linked. The experience with a small group surpassed my expectations. As I was a single traveller Maureen and Rob made sure I felt at ease when I went off to explore on my own during periods of free time. I enjoyed being able to mingle with the locals and talking to many in German. Our accommodation was excellent with very tasty food. Victoria Falls was wonderful experience again after 22 years!"

Rod and Sue Hall, Wellington, New Zealand- July 2014

"I would like to thank both Rob and Maureen for a wonderful and well organised tour of Namibia. We appreciated the in-depth knowledge they have of Namibia which really helped to make the touring of the country a unique experience for both of us. Namibia is a country of great beauty of a kind which must make it somewhat unique in the world. It is a country of deserts, grassy plains, table top mountains, canyons, sunsets, and wildlife particularly as seen in Etosha National Park. The accommodation was very good and each day bought a new surprise and a new experience. We think it is one of the best trips we have ever undertaken and would recommend it to any traveller. And as a bonus you get to see the Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe which of course is world famous for its grandeur."

Rod's adventure hint: "If you are into photography then make sure you have a camera fitted with the right lens to enable close up shots of the wildlife."

Helen, Sydney, Australia - July 2013

"I wanted to say what a great experience and to thank you both for such a wonderful time. Namibia is a knock out as was your organisation! Loved your photography tips. Trip exceeded my expectations and tinerary enabled us to see so much of Namibia's wonderful ancient geography/geology, wide spaces, colour, constantly changing scenery, breathe clean air and wonder how such a challenging country can support so much life - put my life back into perspective."

Helen's adventure hint: "Take the opportunity to visit Namibia. Upgrade your camera. Keep to Rob's clothing list."

Diane, Adelaide, Australia - July 2013

"What impresed me most about this adventure was the knowledge I gleaned about Namibia e.g. the geological aspects, your knowledge of animals and birds and your obvious enthusiasm for the country. The accommodation was great and I loved the different types of lodges we stayed at. The photographic lessons were well received and needed especially by me. Marks driving was without blemish."

Diane's adventure hint: "Make sure you have booked a single supplement if required!"

Liz Calvert, Auckland, New Zealand - July 2009

"The trip exceeded my expectations. The small group allowed plenty of time for photo stops and the tour director and driver were very knowledgeable and went out of their way to accommodate our every wish. Spectacular scenery and incredible wildlife, combined with excellent accommodation made this a trip of a lifetime."

Liz's adventure hint: "Take plenty of memory cards. Be prepared for extremes of temperatures. Be ready for a great time."

Liz has also travelled with Mirrabac on the Galapagos Explorer 2014.

Valerie, Auckland, New Zealand - June 2008

"The tour was very well organised. Accommodation was excellent, with a nice balance of hotels and lodges, all with en suite facilities. Meals everywhere were very good, a wide enough variety to cater for any dietary needs or preferences. Coach transport was superior. Thank you Rob for the opportunity to learn about areas of geological interest, tips on taking good photographs and places of historical significance. Thanks also for your meticulous attention to detail, care and thoughtfulness for our comfort. Best wishes for future tours."

Valerie's adventure hint: "Take trousers that 'zip-off' at the knees. Take a travel clothesline."

Valerie has since travelled with Mirrabac to: Alaska and the Great Bear Rainforest in 2010, the Galapagos Explorer in 2014 and Arctic & Around 2015.

Noel Young, Whangarei, Northland, New Zealand - June 2007

"Rob's local knowledge and organising abilities meant that we had "no worries" at all. His photographic advice and his ability to see photographic opportunities put us in a position where we could take advantage of various subjects, and this helped tremendously. I thoroughly enjoyed the safari and have bought back some great photographs and memories."

Noel's adventure hint: "A polarizing filter is a must. Also get the best zoom/telephoto lens you can afford. You will get greater opportunities for great photographs."

Noel has also travelled with Mirrabac to: South Africa 'Wild on Wildlife' safari 2004, Turkey and Egypt - August 2005, Trans Siberian Railway - 2007, Galapagos and Easter Island - May 2008.

South Africa - Wild on Wildlife

South Africa - Wild on Wildlife

Marvynne Kalaugher, Auckland, New Zealand - 2010

"Thank you so much for one of the best holidays of my life. You are very, very excellent at what you do! The major enjoyment had to be the animal/birdlife - from those wonderful times watching the elephants in their own environment to seeing the adorable baby rhino running along behind 'Mum and Dad'. The leopard was also 'awesome' - why did it choose 'right there' to sit? It was all just great!"

Brenda and Malcolm Pinfold, Ashhurst, Manuwatu, New Zealand - 2010

"We left Namibia with a longing to visit South African wildlife parks, so when the 'Wild on Wildlife 2010 tour' was announced we didn't hesitate. We started our wildlife viewing on the first day with a close up session of feeding lions. The 10 days in Kruger Park was unreal. So many magical elephant encounters, majestic kudu, impala, rhinos, giraffes, the big cats, and the wonderful array of birdlife. Then there were the hippos, crocs, and buffalo that we hadn't seen in Namibia. Rob kept us well fed throughout the trip, and it was great to carry on the picnic lunch tradition of Namibia. The well stocked curio stores at each rest camp did very well out of our group!"

Galapagos & Easter Island


Tony and Dinah, Hamilton, New Zealand - May/June 2014

"The Galapagos Islands are a World Heritage Site with amazing wildlife and landscapes. Viewing the islands for 8 days with knowledgable and informative guides leaves truly a great memory. Quito, also a World Heritage site, nestled amongst volcanoes, with its many ancient cathedrals, colourful people, historical buildings and the surrounding hinterland scenery of rainforests, haciendas, Indian markets makes for a very interesting visit."

Tony and Dinah's adventure tip: "An adventure well worth while in a very unique area of our world."

Colleen Reed, North Shore, Auckland, New Zealand - May/June 2012

"This trip surpassed my wildest dreams and added more to my 'bucket list' than I had ever envisaged. Thank you Rob & Maureen for the wonderful experience. The company of fellow travellers was fantastic. My 'trip of a lifetime' and 3,000 photos."

Colleen's adventure tip: "Go with a sense of fun, an open mind and heart. Relish every opportunity to learn about the countries you visit. A very good camera with a polarising lens is a must."

Colleen has since travelled with Mirrabac to Russia - Trans Siberian Rail Journey 2013 and Arctic & Around 2015.

Heather and Al, South Canterbury, New Zealand - May/June 2012

"Small group size, well organised. Everyday a great adventure and experience. Local guides very knowledgeable. An interesting blend of history, culture, art and craft, nature, city and country life of each place/country we visited."

Heather and Al's adventure tip: "Travel light with little luggage. Be fit and active. Come with a sense of humour and adventure. Be prepared for the unexpected. Be well informed and read heaps, before travelling, about the places you are going to explore."

Heather and Al have also travelled with Mirrabac to Alaska and the Great Bear Rainforest in September 2014.

Bryan and Gael Gartrell, Waiheke Island, Auckland - May/June 2012

"This trip exceeded our high expectations. Rob and Maureen work with local first class providers and guides. Each day was planned to maximise our experience without exhausting us. The tour party was the perfect size and they were great company. Thank you for your well planned tours. Very highly recommended."

Bryan and Gael's adventure tip: "Get a bit fit. We were happy with our compact cameras but a video camera would have been nice too. If you like a cuppa in your room take a travel kettle."

Splendours of South America

Splendours of South America

Mirri M, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia - June 2011

"The South America trip was one of the most memorable trips I have ever undertaken. It covered everything I had hoped it would. This included the magnificent Amazon, Machu Pichu, Iguassu Falls and the world renowned Bird Park; Lake Titicaca, its islands, the Uros people, the cities of La Paz, Rio and Buenos Aires plus many places in between. The value for money was amazing, the hotels and inclusions were first class. Although I am healthy and reasonably fit I was worried about my age (70). The purchase of a walking pole at a local market was a great help with the many steps. Thank you for your attention to detail and for our friendly small group. It was a wonderful trip."

Heidi Lau, Sydney, Australia - June 2011

"Peru - land of history with magnificent ruins and traditions. Modern food experience at the Reserva Amazonica Lodge in the Amazon - big white corn kernels, heart of palm and of course Pisco sour! Colourful costumes and spices at Lake Titicaca andI had fun getting wet at Iguacu Falls. I met my favourite toucan at the Bird Park at Iguacu. Most of all, the companionship. Thank you soooo much for a fantastic few weeks!"

Heidi has also travelled with Mirrabac to Namibia - Namibian Explorer safari 2013 and Arctic & Around 2015

Dennis and Jeanette, Myrtleford, Victoria, Australia - June 2010

"Thanks, Rob & Maureen for organising a wonderful trip to the special places of Peru and Bolivia. The local guides were great, the food and accommodation excellent. Being in a small group gave us the time to meet the locals in their own environment. This gave us the opportunity to learn a lot about their culture and lifestyle. We are looking forward to another trip with Mirrabac."

Dennis and Jeanette has also travelled with Mirrabac to Namibia - Namibian Explorer safari 2011

Jenny Willis, Tauranga, New Zealand - June 2009

"I was most impressed by the organisation, the company, the relaxed atmosphere and of course all the wonderful sights we saw in South America. Keep up the good work and I look forward to travelling with you again in the future." - South America 2009

"Whilst it was fairly "full-on" there was a nice "laid-back" atmosphere, well organised as usual and great company. Thoroughly enjoyable." - Galapagos & Easter Island 2008

Jenny has also travelled with Mirrabac to: Namibia - Namibian Explorer safari 2001, South Africa - Southern Special safari - September 2002, Galapagos & Easter Island - May 2008, South America - Peru, Bolivia, Brazil and Argentina - 2009 and Alaska & the Great Bear Rainforest during September 2014 as well as Arctic & Around 2015.

Alaska & The Great Bear Rainforest


Ngaire and Graeme Aitkinson, Invercargill, New Zealand - September 2014

"We have been touring now for the best part of 20 years. This journey has been one of the best we have been on. A wide variety of various aspects of the Alaskan State, having lunch on a glacier, kayaking amongst the icebergs as well as the beautiful scenery bathed in autumnal tonings. Being on the ketch in the Great Bear Rainforest will always be for us a memorable experience. The peaceful tranquility of the surroundings, the sighting of the Spirit Bear with her two black cubs, excellent guides. A very well organised tour put together by Maureen and Rob which we highly recommend."

Ngaire and Graeme have previously travelled with Mirrabac on the Namibian Explorer safari and the Wild on Wildlife safari in South Africa during July and August of 2012.

Frank Broadbent and Carol Dockley , Ohakune, New Zealand - September 2012

"The Alaska and Great Bear Rainforest adventure was truly one of life's most memorable experiences. Stunning scenery on a grand scale and great wildlife encounters in their own very remote and wild environments. Rob and Maureen are to be congratulated on putting together an itinerary that offers an experience that is a cut above the rest. We thoroughly recommend this adventure to anyone who is looking for something to get them away from the overcrowded run of the mill tourist destinations of this world."

Frank and Carol have also travelled with Mirrabac on our Arctic & Around adventure in 2015

Travellers advice: Don't hesitate - just do it - you will never regret it!

Evelyn Platt, Auckland, New Zealand - 2012

"Absolutely all aspects of this trip impressed me. The variety of places visited, the modes of transport to get there, travelling with like minded people, the stunning scenery and autumn colours, the abundance of wildlife, and the sense of adventure. After all not everyone gets to kayak amongst ice bergs and who knew porcupines climb trees!

So a big thanks Maureen and Rob for making the trip so memorable ... the service and the standard was out of this world. I would not hesitate to recommend."

Travellers advice: Take a sense of humour, stick to the packing list, have a long lens, plenty of batteries and memory cards.

Evelyn had previously travelled with Mirrabac on the Namibian Explorer 2010

Jim Cleland, Somerset, Tasmania, Australia - 2012

"Alaska and the Great Bear Rainforest was the best adventure I have been on. The organisation was excellent and the company of like-minded travellers rounded it all off very nicely."

Travellers advice: Bring plenty of CF or SD cards. There is so much to photograph, but also don't forget to watch.

Edith Ladbrook, Arrowtown, New Zealand - 2010

"There were two contrasting chapters to this adventure - being in the picture postcard scenery of Alaska along with the variety of travel, accommodation and activities of which some are exhilarating, made for a special and memorable trip. The comfort on the ketch in the Great Bear Rainforest allows one to enjoy nature at its best. A fabulous journey with Spirit Bear sightings included."

Edith has previously travelled with Mirrabac on the Namibian Explorer 2004