Costa Rica Ramble

If you aspire to an easy-going life, then Costa Rica could be just the place for you to explore. Costa Ricans, Ticos, cherish the laid-back rhythm of 'Pura Vida' (pure life) in their little slice of paradise and you will too. So why not join our small group tour and 'follow the beat' as we ramble through Central America's hot spot of biodiversity.

Tropical rainforests and lazy beaches, rugged mountains and volcanic peaks, lush valleys and wandering wetlands – yes, Costa Rica, known worldwide for its natural beauty, has it all. Add in more than 13,000 bird, animal and plant species and the colourful country will quickly invade your senses.

If you have a penchant for bird-watching Costa Rica is, indeed, paradise. Hummingbirds by the hundreds; toucans, trogans and tanagers; kingfishers, creepers and quetzals; aracari, antbirds and owls; you'll find birds in every colour of the rainbow, more than eight hundred species of them. And we've scoped out some of the best lodges for seeing and photographing these beauties at close quarters. The photo-friendly set-ups are a photographer's dream-come-true!

Along with bird hides and bush walks, you'll also enter a world of unusual mammals and entertaining amphibians. Do you know how fast a sloth moves? Or just how cute a 'blue jeans' frog is? Or how Howler Monkeys can send a shiver down your spine? If you don't know now, you soon will if you come to Costa Rica with us.

You'll love the diversity of landscapes we encounter on our rambles – highlands, lowlands, riverbanks, ravines, forests and farms. Believe us – with all it has to offer, from its flashy Resplendent Quetzal to its fresh-from-the-roaster first-class coffee, Costa Rica and its Pura Vida will charm you through and through.

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February – March 2020

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Tour Highlights

Birdlife, Wildlife, Plant-life – biodiversity in the extreme.

Laguna de Largato Eco-Lodge - 500 Hectares (1250 acres) of virgin tropical rainforest with an incredible variety of fauna and flora.

Salva Verde Lodge – birding hotspot in a magical world of towering trees and restful river.

Nature Pavilion Park &: Eco-observatory – haven for hummingbirds, paradise for bird photographers.

Frogs' Heaven – frog-friendly garden with many interesting inhabitants.

La Paz Waterfall Gardens – spectacular falls, lush cloud forest, butterflies, birds, big cats and more.

El Parque Nacional Tortuguero – explore the exceptional biodiversity from scenic waterways and jungle canals.

Paraiso Quetzal Lodge – highland home of the elusive Resplendent Quetzal, seek and you shall hopefully find!

Bosque de Paz Biological Reserve – luxuriant rainforest sanctuary, abundant beauty.

San Jose – lively capital city, occupying the central valley.

So if you have a passion for nature, if birds and wildlife grab your fancy, then you'll find Costa Rica hard to beat. It's the most bio-diverse country in Central America and has more protected land than any other country in the world – almost a quarter of its area has been designated as protected parks, reserves and jungle. And that means a whole lot of birds and wildlife just waiting for you to find them. What better place to totally immerse yourself in nature? Contact us now about rambling around Costa Rica.

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