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How often have you promised yourself: "When I win Lotto I'll finally go to ..." (drop in your dream destination). Oh yes, we've heard it many, many times.

Well, we didn't want to wait that long. We think life's a great adventure, not to be left to the whims of Lotto.

So in 1995 Rob Bickford, professional photographer, headed to Southern Africa to 'shoot' the wildlife he had always dreamed of 'capturing'. His destination, Namibia, proved so captivating that he was back the following year. Pretty soon friends, acquaintances and even total strangers inspired by Rob's photographs, were lining up to join him. That's how in 1997 Rob Bickford Adventures was born, offering camping safaris in Southern Africa.

Before long, Rob's travel companions were asking: "Where are you taking us next?"

Since then, Rob and his wife Maureen, have escorted tours to the Arctic and Scandinavia (Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland), Namibia, South Africa, Peru, Bolivia, Brazil and Argentina, Easter Island, Galapagos, Ecuador, Alaska and the Great Bear Rainforest, Turkey (including Eygpt and the Greek Islands), and that great train journey, the Trans Siberian Railway.

Along the way the company name changed - it happened like this:

On wildlife safaris the language of game-spotting is brief: "There's a big, fluffy cat lying under an acacia bush over there" becomes: "Lion, two o'clock". Everyone gets the drift. So when tour leader, Rob, pointed out: "Mirror back", meaning "Flip-the-passenger-wing-mirror-back-to-its-correct-position-because-we've-finished-taking-photos-and-we're-leaving-the waterhole," his group of eagle-eyed spotters were right on the case. "Where?... what colour?... animal or bird?"

So the species 'Mirrabac' was discovered.

Both Rob and Maureen are seasoned travellers - we know the drills and love sharing the journey with like-minded adventurers. We've designed itineraries that will take you to some of the planet's most special spots and allow you plenty of time to explore the things you've travelled so far to see. Watch out for more exclusive itineraries as we turn up new travel treasures.

Yes, our clients still ask: "Where to next?"

Namibia - Group under Sociable Weavers nest Namibia - Group under Sociable Weavers nest

The Mirrabac Team

Rob Bickford

Rob Bickford Rob Bickford

Rob is an old hand in the travel industry. He has been the force behind our Southern African safaris since 1997 - in Namibia, and South Africa. After ten years of mostly camping Rob transformed these safaris to lodge-based adventures - same great journey with upgraded comfort.

Rob also organises and leads Mirrabac's South American adventures including our exclusive Easter Island/Galapagos tour, our new Epic Patagonia + Falkland Islands tour and the new Madagascar adventure. He's always on the lookout for hidden gems to include in our custom-designed itineraries.

Rob is ready and willing to share his passion and tips for great photography - a bonus for travellers wanting to impress themselves or others with the 'great shots' they've taken on holiday.

Maureen McDonald

Maureen McDonald Maureen McDonald

Maureen has escorted tours to all Mirrabac destinations and takes the helm for any of our tours when the schedule occasionally has us operating two in tandem or diverse optional add-ons.

Maureen is the architect and leader of our Arctic and Around tour and Alaska and the Great Bear Rainforest tour. She also writes our newsletters and other communications and often takes your phone calls.

Prior to Mirrabac, Maureen travelled widely through United Kingdom, Scandinavia, United States, Europe (East & West) and China.

For both Rob and Maureen the pleasure of wandering familiar pathways and the lure of exploring new lands, meeting old friends and making new ones - these things are the essence of Mirrabac.

So... whoever you are, wherever you are... 'vamos', let's go... the road lies before us!

Why go on a Mirrabac Adventure?

We travel with you -
You're not 'packed off' to strangers.

We treat you as our companion -
Be part of the family.

We custom-design our itineraries -
Have time to enjoy.

We travel in small groups -
Get to know each other.
Galapagos Galapagos

"We thoroughly enjoyed our Namibian experience which surpassed all our expectations. Rob's exceptional planning and accommodation made it so enjoyable." Barbara and Ray Living, Ashhurst, Manuwatu, New Zealand.

"The Galapagos islands were a wonderful worthwhile experience. I would travel again (with Rob)." Jenny Colegrove, Rotorua, New Zealand.

"What to say! The trip was a magical experience, well organised, laid back... Rob shared his knowledge of the country as well as his knowledge on photography, and it was great!" Jenny Willis, Tauranga, New Zealand

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